Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What to Wear: Simple Summer

Our Ladies Activity Club party tonight is at a great clothing store where my friend works. The special member discount is going to be too tempting, even in the middle of my de-clutter challenge. So it's good to go in with some ideas of the things I'm coveting for summer:

Jacket - Linen jacket on sale from J.Crew. Good for cold evenings or overly air conditioned offices.
Tee - A simple striped tee brings relaxed Frenchie style.
Jeans - I need a new pair of basics like this.
Belt - A belt is a great way to liven up a simple silhouette.
Sandals - In my dreams...too expensive and surely uncomfortable for my city walking routine.
Bag - Navy patent tote for $30.
Necklace - A little color.
Sunglasses - Aviators of course.


jora said...

That necklace makes the outfit!

p.s. tag. you're it.

toothpick_tp said...
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kelly said...

loving this look..so oh la la!! I want every piece!

Katie said...

Perfect...but I'd wear yellow beads.