Monday, June 02, 2008

What to Wear: Southern France in Summer

I've decided to take What to Wear requests again now that most of the wedding planning is done. They're time consuming, so I'm going to start charging $15 a pop via PayPal. If you're interested, email me. Nicki is my first client:
I am going to France as a chaperon on a tour for a children's chorus this summer. We are going to southern France - Monaco, Marseille, Le Val, Nice and a few other places. The kids will be singing in concerts at night and during the day we will sightsee. I will be chasing after the 4 kids I'm in charge of, so no 4 inch heels!

I lived in France for 6 months and it was the best experience and it changed the way I dress, but sometimes I need reminding about how to be chic and frenchie especially in hot weather, and living in the casual environment of Berkeley. Also, I find it easier to dress for cold weather than for warm weather, so any sort of warm weather additions to my wardrobe would be great - I am sadly lacking. I don't own any ski
rts anymore. I will get a lot of use out of the clothes, because I am also going directly to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming after France and it will be hot there.
A couple well-cut, basic pieces should serve Nikki well on this trip! I think a color palate of khaki, white, blue and black will be the most flexible. Here's what I recommend:

Tank - Take a couple with structure along with a bunch of basic cotton tanks.
Skirt - Looks French because it is French. The khaki color should stay pretty clean and the linen stands up well to heat and wrinkles. $24.
Pants - Basic black chinos can be dressed up or down. Think Audrey!
Blouse - A white blouse always looks polished. This is light enough to wash overnight in a sink.
Sweater - A cardigan like this goes with anything. Bring a thin belt to wear it over dresses or skirts. The French love belts and scarves.
Dress - A little jersey dress in an amazing color with pockets.
Tote - You'll want a shoulder bag for comfort when chasing after those kids.
Sandals - Take a couple pairs of comfy flats in different colors. These black sandals are a splurge, but so adorable.
Luggage - What's not to love about this luggage? Aside from $2,300 price tag of course!
Perfume - Pick up some french perfume during your trip as a souvenir.
Headband - A headband like this can be a lifesaver for your hair when traveling.
Sunglasses - I like aviators.

Add color and flair to this foundation along the way with accessories you buy in France. Look for chunky beads and silk scarves. These are all things you can work into your wardrobe in Wyoming (plus jeans) and the Bay Area (plus warm layers).


Leslie said...

good for you, emily! you deserve money for those posts, they seem like a lot of work and your advice is definitely worth the price. this is one of my favorite what to wears yet!! i'm so glad they're back. :)

love.boxes said...

Very cute.. you don't charge nearly enough. :)