Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inspired: Vintage Medical

I had a ENT appointment today in one of those classic Beaux Arts 1930's buildings downtown (resulting in excavating what appeared to be a milk-dud from my ear; completely disturbing but I feel better).

Taking appointments in these architectural relics is one of the better perks of living in the city. The Medico-Dental building on Post has a mission style lobby, five brass elevators, halls full of office doors that should belong to Guy Noir, even a brass mail chute. You expect to hear the sound of typewriters and see doctors smoking around every corner. There's a similar medical building that I've been to on Sutter.

I wish I had worn a trim wool suit and heels instead of jeans!


MissScientistSF said...

Um, milk dud? Gross! Are you okay?! What happened? Hope you are feeling better. Oh, and I loved the Equistium valley picture, thanks for thinking of me!

MissEm said...

Totally gross, but otherwise unscathed. My ear feels so much better already.

Molly said...

So funny, I had the same thing! I am glad I am not the only one. Did they use the vacuum? I was having such bad ear pain before it. I need to go to a Q-tip rehab facility to break my addiction.

Mike said...

Emily - glad you're OK. You're the only one I know who would spend more time writing about the architecture and regretting your ensemble than describing the procedure.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple months!

JenniferB said...

I'm laughing out loud! ...and my kids are scared! I have a very weird fascination with excavating their ears!!! I'm a little bit jealous of your doctor!!!