Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Do: Backpack Point Reyes

Rob and I are going backpacking this weekend at Point Reyes. Just the two of us four miles out in the Marin wilderness. Rob's adorably consumed with making me pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning. He's bought two kinds of batter mixes, a special pan and freeze dried blueberries just for the task.

I've never backpacked before, but walking three miles a day while carrying groceries and gym gear is probably sufficient training. It should be a nice way to unplug from the wedding planning for a few days. I'm looking forward to drinking some pine needle tea and playing cards.


The Illustrious Lindsay said...

So sweet of Rob to make you pancakes! Reminds me of a product I recently read about Probably back-packable. Have a great time :)

Petunia Face said...

How fun! And romantic. Hopefully it won't be too foggy. My husband and I spend a lot of time out there because he surfs out at North Beach and Drakes (in shark-infested waters, gr).

Make sure you go to Bovine Bakery one morning for delicious treats! You know, when you aren't feasting on pancakes :)

Meg said...

We did this for my birthday, but we stayed in a great little B&B with horse stables. So, it was hiking, not backpacking. We're tenting it up in those parts for our summer vacation in August. Are we excited? Yesyesyes! You'll love it!