Monday, July 14, 2008

To Do: Simplify

As promised, here's a photo of our cleaned out and fixed up bedroom. With my hectic schedule, I've managed to occasionally keep on task with the simplification project.

For this room, I took down the large framed art that was making it seem smaller, cleaned out the bedside drawers, cleaned out the closet, cleaned out the armoire (not, obviously, the left side that is stuffed with blankets that you can see peeking out), eradicated a herd of dust bunnies, had it painted, switched all the bed linens and put out flowers.

I forgot to take a before, but here is a during shot with all the furniture moved. It's a little boring right now, but very relaxing. Next, I want to rehang some art in different places and find some new linens.


Greeneyes said...

Long live nest-purging! Good for you, getting all that done.

Chelsea said...

I am supposed to be starting the simplification project this week.

Your home is so pretty.