Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Second Dress

Frustratingly, my search for a second wedding outfit continues. I found a dress similar to this from Ted Baker but I'm not that fond of it. For $350, it just doesn't quite suit my fancy.

I have it as a backup, but I'm going to do a mega shopping trip this weekend to see if I might be able to find a dress (or trousers) I like better.

Something with a little more classic style and structure. Without rosettes, bowls, rouching, bubble hems or other trendy bits. Something more like this (only in size 12), this (love it, but no longer available in white), this (why so shiny?).


jcristg said...
too shiny? too boring?

MissEm said...

It's very close...I think the color would be too yellow for my skin. Good eye though!

MissScientistSF said...

A friend here is wearing the long version of this dress:

Wow, long link. I can email it to you. Anyways, it is very cute in person and nicely made. Just an idea!

Susan said...

Emily, check out this site (though I don't know if any of these are dressy enough...):

meghann said...

The Heather Creme! I am not so sure about the color. As a fellow fair girl, I totally appreciate the right and oh-so-wrong creams but what an excuse to buy a gorgeous and classic Heidi Merrick.*fX5NJ7&product=Store

Or pick the Lee White Linen for your honeymoon!

Rachel said...

You should hire Tracy make you something. That girl can whip out an amazing dress in an afternoon!