Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Something Blue

I discovered over the weekend that ivory and white shoes look terrible matched with my pale skin. Unless I'm going for the corpse bride look, I'd do much better with a dash of gold or a bright color on my wedding day.

Margaret and I both fell in love with all the adorable blue shoes on the market:

Spade - With a little bit of rhinestone for extra sparkle.
J.Crew - Blue with a touch of black.
Louboutin - Painfully expensive at $784...but, my oh velvet and tiny little disco balls...that's just mean.
Manolo - Complete with their own lace.
Jacobs - This shoe means serious business. Sequins and a bow, that's amazing.
David - Demure and seemingly comfortable.

My latest plan is to see if I can fancy-up a pair of muted gold peep-toes I bought for the Black and White Ball but never wore. With a few little feathers or something special on the toe, they'd work perfectly.


Lauren said...

i LOVE the idea of a gold or blue shoe with your dress. i love those Davids. perfect!

michelle said...

My vote is Spade or David. Although I loooove the Marc Jacobs one, it's a bit Dorothy for me.

p.s. I saw a cute shoe idea in a bridal mag awhile back - the bridal party signed the bottom of the shoes (groomsmen: groom, bridemaids: bride).

It made for a really cute photo (the bridal couple sitting down, feet up to show the soles).

Molly said...

I love the idea of bright colorful shoes for a wedding! I love love love the Kate Spades and the Christian Louboutins!!!

Anonymous said...

to fancy-up your gold shoes, try using vintage clip on earrings on the toe.

Susan said...

love, love, love the charles davids!!!

Jessica said...

I love the last one most of all.

I wore some champagne-ish shoes that I got for $2.99 on clearance from Chadwicks. Such a score, especially for shoes I wore for one day.

Leslie Ann said...

I was going to wear blue Zanotti's to mine, but they sold out. I wore the same shoe but white. I like the Spade or Manolos for your dress.

Andie said...

LOVE the blue shoe idea. I wore red with my wedding dress.

20 Something Superhero said...

I've always said that when I get married I am going to wear blue shoes too!! Mind you, I have dreams of getting married on a beach somewhere in a short dress, so the turquoise blue suede Manolos that crisscross up the leg were fitting!! Good on you!!

mamacita said...

Yeah, sadly, I have to admit: those Louboutins jumped out at me from the picture.

TheWinnFamily said...

I was looking ALL over for "Tiffany" blue shoes to wear to renew my wedding vows. I FINALLY found what I was looking for for $18 at the Los Angeles fashion distric. If you are in LA you may want to check it out, lots of options!