Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Blue Skies

Well done, commenting public! You far surpassed my expectations with your nice notes. The number I had picked was 11, the number of letters in the volunteer's name. Since there were so many of you, I've expanded it to three winners. Congratulations to:
  • Logan
  • Gracie 73 (Your cheeseburger festival story is too bizarre)
  • Ecru (the last comment I saw this morning)
Send me an email with your shipping details and your special present will be off in the mail shortly. I feel so much better already! And the weather is cooperating too. It's a perfect 70 degrees and sunny today.

1 comment:

Gracie73 said...

Holy Moly...I can't believe you chose me. Thanks so much!! I don't have a login and password for Passport so here is my email address: and if you shoot me an email, I'll send one back to you with details. Hope you're having a better day!!