Thursday, July 31, 2008

What to Wear: Gray and Cranberry

Inspired by my trip to the 1930's medical office, I've been trying to dress up for work a bit more. It's hard in a city where a pair of jeans are considered above par. The weather is warm enough to wear a dress outside today, perfect for a little early fall color:

Dress - Mine is a wrap with a bit more swing from Ted Baker on sale. I like the vintage the neckline on this approximation for $160.
Shoes - I had a boss once who wore red shoes every single day because "who could have a bad day while wearing red shoes?" Isn't that fun?
Glasses - Faux frames from Urban Outfitters.
Bag - Also from Urban Outfitters.


Chelsea said...

This is fabulous!!!

Alicia said...

Red shoes are SO fun! Sadly I think that Boulder is even more casual than San Fran so it makes it extra challenging to dress up without sticking out!

MissEm said...

I say "stick out!" If you're going to be noticed for something, it may as well be fabulous dressing.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are FABULOUS! I love that color. I have a wallet and a purse that are the exact same color and I love 'em!

love.boxes said...

I love this outfit. If I wore it, I would pretend to be some romantic character like Marion the Librarian or someone like that. :)