Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party Recipe: Banners

I hosted the LAC party last night. With all the wedding planning and having Rob's parents in town last weekend, this event was pulled off (rather well, I think) by the skin of my teeth.

Food: fresh bruschetta, grapes, cinnamon olives, Trader Joe's coconut curry chicken stix, funfetti cupcakes.

Drinks: much champagne. I have a massive headache this morning, one of the negative consequences of owning a saber.

Music: Pandora set to the Jamie Lidell channel.

Activity: We made party banners out of ribbon, fabric and paper. It's actually pretty easy once you plan your design. Basically, make a template out of cardboard. Use that to cut out diamonds or other shapes in paper or fabric. Glue the piece together over the ribbon, add letters and voila!

Favors: San Francisco Ladies Activity Club notepads and pencils.


Rachel said...

The party banners look beautiful! What a great activity.

MissScientistSF said...

Wow, you guys are truly embracing the wonders of the saber. I am glad you are using it, I was worried that it would become decorative display! Cute party, I miss the SFLAC!

Susan said...

i had such a blast! and i'm getting my own saber...TODAY! :)