Monday, August 18, 2008

Recipe: Cheater's Parisian Macaroons

Gourmet's latest issue is all about Paris and includes an "easy" recipe for French macaroons (not online). The amazing macaroons from Miette on Sunday are motivating me to try it, despite the fact I'll have to buy a food processor, track down a pastry bag, find a place to let the batter drops rest for 30 minutes and ignore the fact I'm terrible at making meringue.

In the meantime, Martha has a tried-and-true chocolate almond macaroon recipe. They aren't quite as pretty as their delicate relatives, but super tasty and easy. I first baked them successfully about 12 years ago, long before the current macaroon craze.


Rachel said...

Okay, I'm stopping on the way home from work to pick up Gourmet. I am a macaroon stalker, so I've been looking at recipes for months, but I haven't managed to attempt it yet. Maybe this will motivate me.
Maybe if you buy almond meal (they have it at TJs) you won't need the food processor? Although it might be a good excuse to get one - I love mine.

Vy said...

I have tried using TJ's almond meal for macaroons, it's not the same. Bob's Red Mill makes an almond meal with blanched peeled almonds, which worked a lot better in the Parisian macaroon recipe I'm using (from San Jose Mercury News), but it's really expensive - $11!

Interested in trying the Gourmet "easy" recipe....