Friday, August 08, 2008

Urban Girl Almanac: Sabers!

My life has just entered a new phase of awesomeness with the delivery of a Laguiole Champagne Saber from my sister and her boyfriend. Rob and I are going to spend the weekend dramatically sabraging champagne bottles! Here's what I learned this week:
  • How to throw a successful bridal shower (whoa, that was last weekend? This has been one looong week)
  • Wedding dress fittings are fun.
  • More packages should come wrapped in brown paper.
  • Being locked out of your apartment for an hour in the city isn't so bad. You just walk or visit a cafe while you wait for keys to show up.
  • Rob's the best. When I came home from a bad day and said "This day could not get any worse!" he replied "I'm here, so it can only get better."
  • Although I can be very bossy, I've found that I don't enjoy telling large groups of people (like wedding participants) what to do.
  • It was so cold this week. However, I got to wear a velvet blazer and a turtleneck and it reminded me how much I like the fall.
  • Linocut prints are lovely.
  • Only 43 days until the wedding.
  • Impromptu Mexican dinner parties involving impromptu ukulele singalongs are the best way to spend a Thursday night.
  • This week's San Francisco art is a linocut print of a billboard that used to be in the Mission by bradleyralphrobinson.
I own a saber! This is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Aside from sabering champagne bottles, I'll also be doing some combination of climbing, watching the olympics, attending my other bridal shower, going to the fair, getting a facial and going to a baseball game this weekend. Oh...and more wedding stuff. Have a good one!


jora said...

A French friend of ours sabers bottles of champagne, but she has never shared her secret of how to do it! I so want to master this!! The ultimate party trick. :)

love.boxes said...

43 Days! How exciting! I hope that it all goes perfectly! :)