Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Contest!

Time to put your style to the test, lovely readers! The eBay J.Crew dress arrived yesterday. It is just right...although a little boring. A serious boost of flair is called for.

That's where you come in! Use your creativity to pair the dress with a set of accessories (shoes, coat, etc, etc) for my wedding send-off. You can use Polyvore, PhotoShop or just email me your ideas.

Entries are due by September 1 (the end of Labor Day weekend). The first place winner will get a $50 Anthropologie gift card, a custom mix CD and other treats. Two runners-up will each receive a mix CD and goodies.

Start styling!

PS: An orange pantsuit with an orange shell and orange shoes?! Where does one even find such an ensemble outside of prison? Her speech was great...but man, that's a doozy of an outfit.


hyb said...

Did you see the photo of them trying 4 different colors of jackets for Hillary with the stage lights and background colors? Apparently she has that same suit in pastel blue, yellow, and pink! I'm almost thankful for the orange.

MissEm said...

Ohhh noooo. If you find the link, you have to send it to me.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the best quality, but I found one!

Amber said...

Not for the contest, but there are the BEST Jill Stuart 4" ivory heels on sale at the store on Fillmore you made me buy the Avlin Valley skirt from (I'm blanking on the name). They would look amazing on you with the dress, a gardinia in your hair, a yellow or clementine pashmina (sp?), and a long knotted string of pearls ... or even jeans and a t after the wedding.