Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Update

More projects checked off the list!

First, the ribbon wands. Rob helped me cut 18" wood dowels and drill small holes through the ends. I cut three pieces of different 36" yellow and white ribbon for each dowel. Then, I sewed the ribbon on through the hole with embroidery thread. Altogether, I made 21 wands. Combined with the birdseed tossers, we're in for a bright and exuberant exit from our reception!

I also worked on a hand-drawn map of our honeymoon route. I'm going to finish it tonight with color and find a frame. It will sit with one of the small vintage suitcases on our gift and guestbook table.


Cara said...

I love the map! There are some great stops on your route! I love Sundance and Jackson Hole.

Amanda said...

If you're in Boulder for breakfast, try Lucile's. It's delicious! (If you want any other Boulder recommendations just ask….I can return the favor after the what-to-wear you helped me with last fall!)

Alicia said...

That map is great! What a fun way to incorporate your upcoming journey into the wedding... Another great place to eat in Boulder is Frasca - it's run by two French Laundry veterans and is pretty delicious! Call ahead (like a month) for reservations if you're interested. The Kitchen is also a favorite for breakfast/lunch/dinner...I could eat there all the time!

Rachel said...

Those ribbon wands are going to make for great photo opportunities!

sarah said...

i have been lurking on your site - enjoying your fashion tips and wedding planning! i live in santa fe and wanted to offer my advice on places to see and restaurants, etc.

amy said...

I have to chime in after seeing your map - love this idea! I just moved from Wyoming & wanted to share a few ideas. Yes to Jacksont; besides the scenery, take a photo with the antler arches, eat/drink at the Snake River Brewery (great pizzas!) & many cute shops.
Ok, now random but if upon leaving Yellowstone you are headed to Casper on 20, you have to make a pit stop at Hell's Half Acre. It was the location for Starship Troopers. :) Strange photo op.
If you stop in Casper, go see Sharon at Fields Creek 104 (corner of Washington/1st) - great, tiny, locally owned shop with cute & funky things for home/garden/baby.
I second Lucile's! I can't wait to hear about your adventures!