Monday, September 01, 2008

All the Accessory Contest Entries

Here's a complete list of all the contest entries I received. Fantastic job everyone! Your ideas helped me when I was shopping this weekend. Please note that many of these came with great descriptions and more options:

1. Josie
Jacket, shoes, necklace

2. Jill -
"I also wore this dress for my wedding in Nevis and I used a Spanish silk shawl with it and just draped it loosely around my arms. I also cut a flower outside from one of the many flowering trees and stuck it behind my ear for the wedding (I had no veil or other hair adornments so this was perfect).

3. Karren -
Gold shoes and blue flower Polyvore outfit

4. Diana -
Wrap, earrings, shoes, clutch

5. Cowen -
Blue coat and gold shoes Polyvore outfit

6. Anne -
Sash, flower, brooch, hat, parasol

7. Amanda -
Earrings, shoes

8. Becca -
Floral scarf and taupe shoes polyvore outfit

9. Katie -
Tailoring the dress and headband outfit

10. Meghan -
Shoes, hair piece, shrug, clutch

11. Emily -
Shoes, sash, jacket

12. Alicia -
Blue coat and silver shoes Polyvore outfit
Yellow and white Polyvore outfit

13. Ariana -
Necklace, shoes, purse

14. Jenny -
The bon voyage Polyvore outfit

15. LSK -
Purse, earrings, necklace, shoes, hair

I'll announce the winners on Monday! Which is your favorite?


Susan said...

LOVE Diana's wrap/shrug, Katie's headband, and Meghan's hair piece. Those were all really lovely!

Jenny M said...

I am of course digging my Bon Voyage outfit... but I like the floral scarf one by Becca too!

Katie said...

I like mine, Becca's and Alicia's blue and silver look.

So classy.

amy said...

Ariana & Becca's! Love the way the colors coordinate but not too much. I love Ariana's necklace! And Becca's scarf is lovely-gardeny without feeling like spring (keeping you warm if it cools down). Very fun!

cyndi & lee said...

I think they're all great but my favorite from the beginning was Cowen's. I love how the colors pop.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jenny's link works...

MissEm said...