Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To Do: Share on Flickr

Sara over at 2000 Dollar Wedding had all sorts of fun and affordable plans for her big day. I'm planning to use her idea about creating a flickr group for your guests to submit photos after the wedding.

Personally, I feel that there's a wee bit too much photography at some weddings. The guests are excited and want photos of their own, but it can turn into paparazzi mania.

Rob and I considered asking our guests to refrain during the ceremony. It made us come across as huge bores for something that didn't really matter, so we ditched the idea. At least with the flickr pool, we can turn all those flashes into a fun album!


katek said...

Eh, our Priest made a polite request at the beginning of the ceremony that guests refrain until we were leaving, and it was fine--it was really nice not to have the flash going off the whole time (our photog didn't use flash curing the ceremony) and I don't think it seemed too pushy, either.

Jessica said...

Goodness, it is my biggest pet peeve when people take pictures during the ceremony! I'm pretty laid back, but it's so disruptive when guests get out of their seats, move around and use a flash to get a picture be honest, probably wasn't worth the interruption. I think we'll have our officiant ask guests to refrain from photography during the ceremony as well...I mean, a huge chunk of our budget is going to hire a really talented photographer + assistant, ya know?

Meg said...

Yup. We'll figure out a way to do that too. It's a religious ceremony (for us) and it feels innapropriet. Plus, we'll be making all our pro-photos avalable for geusts online.

cindy said...

i never even thought of asking guests to refrain from picture taking, but i think it's a great idea! all the weddings ive attended this summer, there have been more people taking pictures throughout the ceremony than the wedding party combined. very distracting... and odd? wouldnt you want to enjoy the ceremony, watch the people you love instead of reliving it later through photographs? and like jessica said, if you've hired a pro photographer... let them take care of it!