Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ladies Activity Club: Boot Camp

Apologies for being slow this morning, we're going to take a quick break from the wedding recap news today. See, I've lost all motor control after last night's LAC boot camp activity.

Stephanie hosted us at Kezar Stadium last night for an intense "Cardio and Core" workout with her friend who is a trainer (I'll be glad to pass on his contact info if anyone's interested). We did push ups, jumping jacks, lunges, oh - so many lunges, squats, crunches, mountain climbers, arm spins, planks and jogging.

As you can see from these photos...we're serious athletes. I felt amazing after the workout! But this morning I've lost my ability to do simple things, like walk downstairs or raise my arms above my shoulders.


Yvi said...

I'm so sorry I missed it, but ont he other hand my body doesn't hurt today ;-)

Steph said...

We are SO hard core!!!!