Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pre-Wedding: Thursday with Friends

Okay, let's get this wrap-up started! I had a packed evening the Thursday night before the wedding. It was so great to have this time to spend with friends before the madness.

First, a group of us met in the neighborhood park to practice our songs for the wedding reception. We were outdoors to accommodate the trumpet Trent added to the group without killing our neighbors. It was a short but much needed practice. With a gaggle of semi-proficient players and my sister chipping in on tambourine, we must have been quite the sight:

After the music practice, I returned home to dress up for the Kill Bill Bridal Shower. I wore all white with an embroidered t-shirt that said "The Bride." Margaret was in all black as Copperhead. Nicole wore a kimono to be O-Ren Ishii and Jean donned an eye-patch! Throw in a couple fake samurai swords and...well, no one seemed to get the movie reference, but we still had a blast! A giant sushi and sake dinner followed by peach bellinis at a local club.


Kate said...

Your mother is so pretty! Y'all look exactly alike! Looks like a great day leading up to the wedding!

Molly said...

Too cute! Very clever!