Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding: Cake

 cheesecakes from Carnegie Deli in New York. These were so tasty. We stacked and decorated them ourselves.

My sister made the bird cake toppers and bought the vintage cake knife and server ('s actually a fish knife). The caterer had more cheesecakes behind the scenes to cut up and serve with a berry sauce and fresh fruit on the side.

Tomorrow: the last day of the wedding recap. Including, the second act of the show, our big exit and the final photos!


Morgan said...

Im really really excited to see the finale photos!

Susan said...

I went to the Carnegie Deli on my last trip to NY a few weeks ago! The cheesecake is to die for! How great you had it for your wedding!!! :)

Patricia said...

I'm loving your wedding reports - thank you! It all looks so wonderful.

deb_dee said...

Special request - I'd love to see one of you in your reception dress. I'd like to see how the contest winning look came out!