Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding: Guest Book

Our Blurb guest book idea didn't work out (the print quality was funky) but I'm glad because our last minute postcard idea was a lot more fun!

Two weeks before the wedding, I bought postcards online of the places we were going on our honeymoon and my mom sent me some vintage ones. We put out pens by the entrance and had people write their wishes on the postcards instead of signing a guest book. The map of our honeymoon went in a vintage suitcase along with the finished postcards.

Oh, and that sign is made from leftover sheets of letterpressed curtain cards from the wedding invitation. I also used those for our table numbers.

I want figure out a way to bind the postcards into a small book. Any ideas?


Tonia Conger said...

Actually, Provo Craft (my company) just BARELY launched a product called YourStory. It's a thermal book binder. You'd probably have do do a few volumes to get them all to fit in a 4x6 book cover, or you could put several on a page and use a larger 12x12 book cover.
Until the first of the year, you can only find them at WalMart or online. Here is a little more information. They make pre-designed pages for beginner scrapbookers but I like the idea of binding really pretty paper and making my own photo albums.

Kitt said...

Hi, as you want to see both the back and the front I think I would laminate each card but with extra plastic on on side - then put the all toghether with a spiral. a bit like this one from Ikea but with out the stand.

If the link doesn't work then the name of the frame is called FINLIR

adrienne said...

I like the lamination...

I was thinking that due to people writing in different places on the cards, you may obscure some of the writing to bind them together. Aren't there small page protectors? You could slide them each into a protective sleeve (where you can see both sides and you don't block out any text) and stick those into a small photo album, binder, scrapbook, etc.

Katie said...

Ask Jordan to teach you how to bind them. Didn't she just take a class on book binding?

Jennifer said...

Martha has a grat and inexpensive way to bind photos or postcards into a book.


blackstarmonkey said...

hello! i chanced upon your idea to use vintage postcards for the guest book and i love it. It would be beautiful to hand bind the postcards. You could do a blanket stitch binding (it's an open spine style) which would not block any of the writing/picture on the card (except for some stitching).
You can do it by sewing a blanket stitch along each postcard edge (and two covers), and then stacking the cards/covers and lacing a ribbon or tape strip through every other stack of stitches.
the result would look similar to this, but with ribbon showing along the spine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/myhandboundbooks/2301462542/

I did this to a stack of postcards from an old boyfriend, but used the cover of an old vintage book. It turned out really well.
my explanation probably isn't the clearest, but if you're interested in trying it let me know.

bonne chance!

PaulThor-) said...

if you like contact me, paul at blurb ....
I am sure we can help your print quality considerably
Scanned in postcards would look GREAT in a book.