Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding: Polaroids

I think our cocktail hour was one of the most fun parts of our wedding! By virtue of rushing through the portrait session after the ceremony (wasn't that concerned about the portraits), Rob and I got to spend a lot of time mingling with guests. And I had time to show off the antique dress before changing for dinner. The club had a nice design with window seats and wicker chairs that made it easy to hang out outside of sitting at your assigned table.

For appetizers, we had passed trays of seared ahi tuna, stuffed mushrooms and bison skewers. The bison was a real hit! And the champagne was certainly flowing.

While all this was happening, we tasked a good friend with taking polaroids of the guests. We bought the film at Walgreen's the day before and borrowed Paul's camera. She was a champ about getting everyone to put on hats and silly mustaches for the shots! You can see all the polaroid photos here.


Jenna said...

The bowler hats and mustaches add such a nice touch and really helped your guests "get into" the pictures I think. Reminds me how much I love old art forms like Polaroids.

Andrea said...

Such a cute idea, loves it!

redframe said...

That's lovely! We're hoping to keep guests entertained with a photo booth while we take pics, and join them before too long!