Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bargain: Vintage Loving Cups

I resisted temptation to buy an antique trophy on Sunday. I fell in love with the muted silver color and mysterious 1921 honor for "Tent Inspection." However, I need another silver-hued vessel like a hole in the head and wasn't ready to spend $80.

A quick eBay search at revealed that you can find these vintage "loving cups" for much, much cheaper. This and this were two favorite examples.

Wouldn't they be fun filled with big peonies and chrysanthemums? You could design a whole party around it and make your guests wear ribbon awards and sashes.


ashlynn said...

how fun - love that idea

jordan said...

I saw these there too! But they are so expensive.

I noticed a few last month at the Alameda Flea Market and they were half the price.