Monday, November 24, 2008

Recipe: Mushroom, Gruyere and Lemon Quiche

Quiche! Such a simple thing to make for a weekend lunch party. I used this recipe as a starting point last Sunday.

I cheated with a pre-made crust instead of their instructions. And I added truffle oil and lemon zest for a little extra flair. Mushrooms and lemon are a strangely perfect match.

Very elegant paired with a green salad and a glass of rose.


emilyruth said...

this quiche looks lovely
i will probably never attempt it
but it looks lovely:)

i just finished looking through your honeymoon posts...
i just have to say that is so awesome!
what a total dream:)

& your wedding was beautiful!
i loved the show that you organized
it looked so fun...

such great ideas & so personalized to the two of you...
i loved reading about it & seeing pictures
thanks for sharing...


Ten Thousand Only said...

totally going to make this. in 7 days.