Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I Love Today: Tights

Such an easy way to glam up some of your winter clothes from last year! These peacock tights would be so amazing with a salt & pepper tweed skirt and black pumps. Does anyone own a pair?

PS: They still haven't fixed the J.Crew site? I recently ordered from them and the coupon code made the total go up instead of down! So wobbly.


Julie said...

J.Crew site - OMG. So many online shops get it right, why is it so hard for them? The sale portion is the worst, the narrowing is so glitchy.

They are pretty lucky that their clothes are gorgeous. It makes me want to abandon the online shopping and just go straight to the store. Maybe, that's their plan.

(Long time reader, first time commenter. Love that you got dressed up to go vote - I did too!)

Kristin said...

J Crew's problems are well-documented here:

Greeneyes said...

I completely agree. Why does it have to be so blasted paaaainful to order from them? Their products, while awesome, barely redeem them from their online issues.

Anne said...

I got a pair of peacock blue footless tights from target and have been loving them this season! :)

Abbie, Syncopation said...

It makes me sad when the JCrew sight is down.