Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To Do: Christmas Cards

This weekend is going to be all about our Christmas cards. We're already a bit behind schedule. Each year, we stage a fun photo. This will be the first year with Rob in the shot too!

My grandmother always made her own Christmas cards. She was a talented artist and usually would draw a holiday scene in ink. She photocopied the drawing and went through each card to add watercolors on top. They were so lovely! Especially the times she painted in white paint on blue paper.

This gocco-printed card I found on Flickr reminds me of those elegant designs. Here's the detailed tutorial to go along with it if you're interested in trying it for yourself.

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icing on the cake said...

That's such a wonderful card you posted! I've finally bitten the bullet and started sending out cards myself...but since I'm pregnant, I didn't feel like a photo of me, so I went with a little graphic Christmas tree instead. I like the photo cards the best though!