Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Things I Love Today: Civic Life

Well, that was a surprise! Reporting for jury duty turned out to be a quite pleasant experience. The waiting room was elegantly decorated. And when myself and 80 others were called into the courtroom to be whittled down to 12, everyone was well-dressed, rational, intelligent and efficient. There was one sophisticated woman who looked just like Katherine Hepburn with gray hair, an olive silk suit and tan heather cashmere sweater.

I would trust any one of that group to sit on my jury. Overall, it was sort of like attending a very well-acted and staged but rather boring six hour play.

Plus, we had an hour and half lunch break. Which I used to visit the main city library for the first time. All the free books you could want and a tidy cafe where you can enjoy a turkey sandwich and a coffee? That's civilization at its most developed!

I'm a happy taxpayer today.


suburban prep said...

Glad to hear that your experience went well.
I received a summons for jury duty on my anniversary (11/14) it was quite the gift.
I am unable to attend due to a medical issue that is chronic and I had to get a doctor's note and copies and send it in for proof.

erica said...

wow, that sounds a lot nicer than my 5 hours spent in lowell, ma. the original courthouse is lovely, but we were shuttled into a cramped annex basement room without windows or magazines, only a talk show to while away the time.

the case was ultimately dismissed (plea bargain?), and it was just cold and dreary enough that everyone was miserable.

hmmm, maybe things really ARE better in CA?!?! shocking thought!

Meg said...

I love Jury duty! It's a nice break from everyday life at least, and a chance to catch up on my reading. I haven't served here yet, so I'm glad to know it's extra nice. I've been dying to get on a jury for years. Maybe I'm finally old enough that someone would trust me to do it!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, you were called for civil court, not criminal! The jury room for criminal in SOMA isn't nearly as pleasant sounding.