Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Urban Advent: December 16

I'm almost finished writing our holiday cards. A little late - it seems like everyone is a bit behind on cards this year.

These envelopes represent A through R in my address book. They're waiting in a Navajo wedding basket we bought on our honeymoon.


love.boxes said...

Happy Christmas! I wish more people still sent cards. It's such a lovely tradition.

Meg said...

I haven't STARTED yet. Ack! You write *far* more than I do though, so I have hope.
Next up: please share what card you picked!

ANne said...

Well then you are far ahead of me!

I should stop reading and start writing!


Thanks for the great blog

Morgan said...

Its true, Im mailing out mine today!

Alicia said...

I'm way behind the eight ball this year...I think that I may do New Year's or even 12th Night cards this year. Just haven't had the time or felt particularly inspired but friends keep asking me what sort of creative card I'll be sending out this year so I feel sort of obligated to deliver...have to put my creative thinking cap on!