Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What to Wear: Peacock

Winter party season brings with it plenty of chances to get dolled up. Dressing down is firmly not allowed! Cara wrote in with a request for the holidays:
Would something like this peacock headband be over the top or would it work for a formal New Year's party?
A feather headband certainly isn't for everyday, but how fun for a cocktail party or a night at the theater! You could easily go wild by pairing it with a bright blue or green dress, but here's an idea for a more subtle look:

Headband - $30 from Etsy.
Dress - A little black dress with enough "heft" and style to hold up against the headband. The bow detail on the back is perfectly festive for ringing in 2009.
Shoes - You could get really cute and replace that sparkle with a few feathers that match the headband.
Bracelet - A play off the headband button.
Clutch - Croc clutch from Forever 21.
Champagne Saucer - The perfect finishing touch to this vintage inspired outfit.

What a fun outfit! And FYI - We've already got six other requests in the queue since Monday.


shelly said...

I loved this post!
I clicked on the link for the headband before reading the rest of the post and instantly knew that it solved my fashion dilemmas for both my Christmas office party and New Years Eve! I think I bought the last one on Etsy Just now. :)
I'm going to pair it with a simple black J Crew dress (the silk chiffon Sophia dress to be precise), strappy black heels, and either a jewel toned green or a navy pashmina. It will be perfect for my both office party and New Year's Eve dinner with my boyfriend's family.

Jenny said...

So happy you are doing WTW again...I've missed them.
To prior person who bought the last jealous. I too am thinking this would have been perfect for Christmas office party and New Years.

Greeneyes said...

Looove what to wears!

shelly said...

To Jenny,
You should still cruise that etsy site, she had a ton of cute feather headbands and clips and some were peacock feathers just with a different acessory or shape. :)

Molly said...

Love it!!! Now if I only had a fancy holiday party to wear it to!!

Beka said...

I was not a Kenley, from the latest Project Runway, fan but I always loved her feather/flower headbands. I have been on the lookout for some affordable ones and this Etsy shop is perfect. Thanks Emily!

Emily said...

fabulous outfit! i love all the accessories, they really make it fun!

Andrea said...

Love love love the feather headband! So cute!