Friday, August 29, 2008

Wedding Weekend: Countdown

Rob and I will be taking advantage of the upcoming three day weekend to charge through the rest of the major wedding projects:
  • Hair test this afternoon!
  • Buy make-up supplies. I have a great list thanks to Greeneyes.
  • Buy ties for the men and ringbearers.
  • Buy vintage postcards off eBay (postcards are one of those super-prevalent things that are weirdly hard to buy online). We're going to use these as our guestbook instead of the failed Blurb book.
  • Finish writing the ceremony.
  • Write the show itinerary.
  • Practice our acts.
  • Figure out the placecard plan.
  • Make the photo "booth."
  • Prep for my meeting with the caterer next week.
  • Get organized
  • Relax!
Along with this, we're going kayaking, to see Scissors for Lefty at the Rickshaw on Saturday and Beck at the Independent on Sunday. It's going to be a busy one!

More Contest Entries

The whole city seems deserted today. Not only is it the start of a 3-day weekend but we're also in the middle of a heatwave. I wish I were at home eating popsicles! Here's another round of contest entries (three of these link to Polyvore with details about each item):

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall Fashion: Shoes!

Reader Mamalooper asked for some favorite fall shoe picks earlier this week. I'll post a few of my most-coveted looks over the next few days.

To start: two trends in one cute $80 shoe. T-straps were everywhere in Paris last winter and I'm excited for them in the US this year. And the tailored "menswear" detailing is super in style.

I would love wearing these to work with a pair of gray opaque tights, a pencil skirt and a trim blouse.

Contest Progress

Great ideas are coming in from all across the internet for the accessory contest! Here's a sneak peak at just a few I received yesterday:

Keep it up! I'll post each entry with the links over the weekend.

PS: And don't forget to visit Design Mom for her fantastic Nie Nie fundraising auction today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Inspired

Check out this simple, elegant wedding in North Dakota photographed by Shawna Noel.

Hmm, maybe I need a birdcage veil after all!

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Update

More projects checked off the list!

First, the ribbon wands. Rob helped me cut 18" wood dowels and drill small holes through the ends. I cut three pieces of different 36" yellow and white ribbon for each dowel. Then, I sewed the ribbon on through the hole with embroidery thread. Altogether, I made 21 wands. Combined with the birdseed tossers, we're in for a bright and exuberant exit from our reception!

I also worked on a hand-drawn map of our honeymoon route. I'm going to finish it tonight with color and find a frame. It will sit with one of the small vintage suitcases on our gift and guestbook table.

Wedding Wednesday: Contest!

Time to put your style to the test, lovely readers! The eBay J.Crew dress arrived yesterday. It is just right...although a little boring. A serious boost of flair is called for.

That's where you come in! Use your creativity to pair the dress with a set of accessories (shoes, coat, etc, etc) for my wedding send-off. You can use Polyvore, PhotoShop or just email me your ideas.

Entries are due by September 1 (the end of Labor Day weekend). The first place winner will get a $50 Anthropologie gift card, a custom mix CD and other treats. Two runners-up will each receive a mix CD and goodies.

Start styling!

PS: An orange pantsuit with an orange shell and orange shoes?! Where does one even find such an ensemble outside of prison? Her speech was great...but man, that's a doozy of an outfit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What to Wear: Convention Speaker

Wasn't Michelle great last night?! So smart and poised.

Important business aside, what did you think of her dress? I personally liked it. A classic cut in a nice color with perfectly matched black pumps. The neckline and three quarter sleeves were great choices for the event. I'm not as into the brooch, but it worked well on TV. I'd love to have a similar dress in my own closet.

PS: Did Kennedy make you get misty-eyed?

PPS: The Obama girls were so cute! I like what John Hodgman had to say about it. "Hello Girardeau Family!'...It's the whole message of this convention, in a way, spoken by a seven year old. A hello out into the night, and I think it was heard."

Correspondence Overload

I've officially passed the 200 letter mark! Since I've started keeping track of my wedding mail in a spreadsheet, I've sent 219 letters including save-the-dates, invitations and thank you notes. And we've still got quite a lot to go. By Halloween, I should break 300. Whew...

These correspondence cards from the Met have been a real lifesaver. I've already run through a box and a half. And, amazingly, they're still on sale for $5 for 25 cards. For smaller quantities, these Kate Spade "small card, big thank you" notes or these Vera Wang embossed chrysanthemum notes would be fun.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Present: Wood Bowl

We received a fantastic off-the-registry gift on Friday. My great-uncle and aunt in Seattle gave us a wood bowl by David Lory. It's very thinly carved down from a block of curly black walnut.

One of those simple lovely things I look forward to having for many years.

Weekend Round-Up: Bachelorette

Another weekend, another milestone in the wedding countdown! You can see all my photos here.

On Friday, we went downtown to return the shiny dress at Saks and grab a pint and light dinner with a co-worker at Foley's Pub. Back in the neighborhood, we dropped by his place to get a guitar and then had a fun jam session at our apartment.

Up at 8:45 the next morning to prepare for my bachelorette party. Jill came over at 10 and Nicole picked us up a few minutes later. We swung by to get Margaret on the way and headed straight to the coast.

We checked into our suite at the Half Moon Bay Lodge around 11:30. This modest hotel turned out to be a treat! Our room was perfectly sized, with a fireplace and a deck overlooking the golf course. We snacked until Amber arrived at 12:30.

We drove to the Poplar Street trailhead and walked along the dramatic cliffs for about 4 miles. With all the mossy and ragged terrain, it felt more like the Scottish moors than California! My curly hair loved the humidity.

We briefly explored the tiny downtown and headed back to the hotel to have champagne and lunch. My friend Sarah came up from Santa Cruz to join us around the time that Amber had to leave. We sat in the hot tub for a while and enjoyed some white wine back in the room while getting ready for the night out. It was so nice to just have this "downtime" with my friends!

At 7:00, we drove around the corner to the Ritz Carlton. Blackberry mojitos in the lounge while watching the sunset bagpiper play outside.

We sat down to a light dinner by the fireplace at 8:00. We had a friendly waiter who noticed my bachelorette sash and paid us special attention. He brought us chocolates and madelines for dessert. A perfect evening!

We drove back to the hotel around 10:30 and stayed up past 1:30 talking, drinking sailor jerry, playing jenga and smoking cigars on the deck.

Up at 7:30 the next morning feeling a little rough around the edges. We had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel cafe and packed up. I made it back home at 11:30. Rob and I watched Undeclared, did laundry and made nachos for lunch. I took a nice long nap and revived enough to make all the ribbon wands for the wedding while watching the end of the Olympics.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things

The windowsill in my kitchen had a lovely line up on Wednesday afternoon. A few of my favorite things all in a tidy row:
  • Fresh basil thriving in a sunny glass of water.
  • A funfetti cupcake with funfetti frosting and sprinkles left over from Tuesday's LAC party.
  • A box of the pretty bird matches we're using as our wedding favors.
  • The top of a champagne bottle cut with a saber.
Have a great weekend. I'm off tomorrow for my bachelorette party in Half Moon Bay. Expect a full report on Monday!

Things I Love Today: Chez Spencer

It's official. Chez Spencer is heaven on earth. Rob and I went last night for our second time with another business group.

Picture this: Dusk on the garden patio. Paper wrapped candles. White tablecloths. Cote du rhone in a crystal glass. The fluffiest, crunchiest, most divine warm rolls. A group of artists straight out of the Sartorialist at the next table. A blind piano genius in dark glasses playing jazz standards by the bar. Beet and blue cheese salad. Truffle risotto. Hazlenut parfait.

Pure bliss.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What to Wear: Junior Executive

Jora from Domestic Reflections wrote in on Sunday with a What to Wear request:
I'd love to order up a What to Wear post for my baby sister. She just graduated from college and got her first job as a Marketing Coordinator for a financial services company with a small-ish office in San Diego. I think she probably feels a little awkward still in a suit and pumps (after growing up in San Diego and going to college, she pretty much lives in tanks, jeans, sandals, sundresses, etc.)

The office is business casual, but she will likely be doing some travel to trade shows (which will require more formal business attire). Since this is her first "real job," she doesn't have a lot of extra money to get her wardrobe started. Could you help her out with a beginner's work wardrobe? Thank you! --
Joining the corporate world doesn't mean throwing your style out the window. Thank heavens the days of power suits with shoulder pads are long gone. There are plenty of ways Jora's sister can keep up her casual california sensibility:

Dress - A printed jersey dress is a lifesaver, especially one from DVF. You can wear it to the office and they're perfect for business travel since they don't wrinkle. I have one that has been to several conferences, weddings, business dinners, etc. They're a splurge, but you can find them on sale at consignment shops, nordstrom rack and eBay.
Earrings - Pearl drops from Anthropologie.
Bag - From Urban Outfitters.
Wedges - So much better than heels when it comes to being on your feet all day.

Blouse - A fresh version of the classic button up shirt. Great with a pencil skirt or jeans.
Skirt - A pencil skirt with a light sweater or other top is a great uniform. Aim for good quality basics in black and gray - the easiest to match - as you build your wardrobe.
Bracelet - Inexpensive accessories help you stretch your outfits further.
Flats - A comfy pair in black.

Trouser Jeans - This is California and people still wear jeans to work - on Friday at least! A good pair of polished trouser jeans is a nice way to stay sharp.
Cardigan - It's cold in the AC all day, so invest in versatile layering pieces that can go over your old standby tanks and tees.
Sunglasses - For lunches out with the team.
Clutch - A classic "office" look from Forever 21.
Shoes - A pair of red flats is super handy.
Rings - Gold stacking rings for $13 from Etsy.

With a little bargain hunting know-how, Jora's sister can pull together this sharp style pretty inexpensively!

More Make-Up Tips

I have to share this awesome comment from Katharina on yesterday's make-up post:

Here are some super secrets from my headshot days....

For eyes:
Urban Decay makes a great eyeshadow primer--no creases or color transfer across the eyelid. I use it as a base when I have a long day ahead.

To make your lashes look really lush, apply a black waterproof gel, liquid or wet/dry liner on the rim of the upper eyelid, just below the lashes and right next to your eye. MAC fluidline works well, or dip a damp brush into Laura Mercier's Caviar Eye Liner in Black. The right brush is important--something shaped like MAC #266.

To brighten your eyes and make you look more awake, lightly line inside the rim of the lower eyelid (again, right next to your eye) with a white eyeliner pencil. Go easy on it so that there's not an obvious white line against your mascara, but this trick does wonders to perk up the eyes. Estee Lauder has a nice soft one called #10 White Writer.

For skin:
A bit of subtle judiciously placed highlighting makes a HUGE difference in photos. I recommend a highlighting powder or cream to brighten the browbone, inside corners of the eyes, and high on the cheekbones. MAC has a good one called Strobe Cream (you can get a sample at the counter), or they have a dual highlight/lowlight powder compact. The lowlighter works great in the hollows of the cheeks or even as a bronzer.

For lips:
One of my biggest wedding day goof-ups was not wearing kiss-proof lip gloss. The photographer had us smooch, then my husband gave me a kiss on the forehead. Yup. Big, fat lip prints on my forehead in a bunch of the shots! I don't have a foolproof product for this arena, but I've heard good things about Cover Girl's non-transferrable lip color/clear gloss combo.

How's that for a little internet ask and ye shall receive!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Chocolate

One of my favorite treats from Trader Joe's could also double as a great wedding favor. These dark chocolate bars are petite (a little smaller than a hershey bar), delicious and cheap (3 for $1.59).

If you're careful, you could take off the paper wrapper, leave the foil and put on your own label.

Wedding Wednesday: Cosmetic Secrets

I had to do my best TV make-up treatment for a photoshoot at work today. I'm getting pretty good at caking it on!

Which started me thinking about make-up for the wedding. I'm planning on doing my own, somewhere between the everyday and TV levels. I have the basics nailed down - foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, blush & brows. I'll add small false eyelashes and a light bronzer.

So far, I've bought Body so Fine (smooths out your arms and legs a tiny bit) and She-laq (make-up sealer) just for the wedding. They were both used at the last wedding we photographed.

I just need to get a good primer and I think I'm set. Any recommendations? Favorite wedding make-up secrets?

Wedding Wednesday: More Second Dress News

Last night, I tried on the shiny dress for Margaret and Rob and it was voted off the wedding island. Seriously, why so shiny Mr. Meister?

In the meantime, I found a new ivory J.Crew sophia dress in my size on eBay and convinced the shop to sell it to me early for $60 (currently at J.Crew for $195). It may not be the most exciting dress ever, but it is the best back-up yet.

I'll return the shiny dress to Saks tomorrow or Friday night and give it one more go to try to find a dress or pants that work better. All this buying and returning indecisiveness isn't my style.

Party Recipe: Banners

I hosted the LAC party last night. With all the wedding planning and having Rob's parents in town last weekend, this event was pulled off (rather well, I think) by the skin of my teeth.

Food: fresh bruschetta, grapes, cinnamon olives, Trader Joe's coconut curry chicken stix, funfetti cupcakes.

Drinks: much champagne. I have a massive headache this morning, one of the negative consequences of owning a saber.

Music: Pandora set to the Jamie Lidell channel.

Activity: We made party banners out of ribbon, fabric and paper. It's actually pretty easy once you plan your design. Basically, make a template out of cardboard. Use that to cut out diamonds or other shapes in paper or fabric. Glue the piece together over the ribbon, add letters and voila!

Favors: San Francisco Ladies Activity Club notepads and pencils.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sale Alert: La Redoute

La Redoute, my favorite source for cheap French fashion, is having a giant sale. To start, there are 140 items under $10. Then, there's the big clearance section. And the regular summer sale. Even the Lacroix is on sale.

Get there quick, I've already seen some of the best items disappear since my order this morning. Free shipping with the code LRFREE25 and 15% off your order with the code LRMYFAVPROMO.

If you haven't ordered from this catalog before, here are some tips: they run very true to size. The quality is largely good. Avoid the angora. Go for the linen and silk. They have a good return policy. Shipping can be slow. Redoute is pronounced "reh doot."

Things I Love Today: New Sunblock

There's a new contender in my quest for the perfect sunblock! Margaret brought me a bottle of Banana Boat SunWear Faces on Sunday night.

It smells great (a light coconut). The oil-free formula dries quickly, so your make-up isn't instantly sliding off on top of it. And it comes in either 30 or 50 SPF.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Recipe: Cheater's Parisian Macaroons

Gourmet's latest issue is all about Paris and includes an "easy" recipe for French macaroons (not online). The amazing macaroons from Miette on Sunday are motivating me to try it, despite the fact I'll have to buy a food processor, track down a pastry bag, find a place to let the batter drops rest for 30 minutes and ignore the fact I'm terrible at making meringue.

In the meantime, Martha has a tried-and-true chocolate almond macaroon recipe. They aren't quite as pretty as their delicate relatives, but super tasty and easy. I first baked them successfully about 12 years ago, long before the current macaroon craze.

Weekend Round-Up: Touristas

What a weekend! Hosting Rob's parents was a lot of work and a lot of fun. They arrived Friday around 6:30, loaded with at least 20 pounds of apples, nectarines, tomatoes and grapes from their garden. We went for dinner at Woodhouse Fish Company. Back at home we stayed up late watching the Olympics, peeling apples and making applesauce.

Up early the next morning, we made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and hit the foggy city. Our first stop was telegraph hill to look for the wild parrots. We spotted a big flock while walking around Coit Tower. From there, we packed into the car, drove through the chinatown tunnel and had lunch at Burma Superstar. After lunch, we visited one of the amazing asian produce markets for dinner supplies.

From there, we drove to Sutro Park for more birdwatching. We saw two red-tailed hawks with a nest in the swirling fog. Now 2:00, we drove over the bridge to sunny Sausalito to scope out the city and meet our coordinator at the wedding venue. Everything looks good for September!

Back to foggy San Francisco, we rested up by watching the olympics. For dinner, we made a big cheese fondue spread with sourdough bread, bell pepper, broccoli, apples, pears and more.

Up early again on Sunday morning, we made oatmeal and rushed out for our timed tickets at SFMOMA.

The special Frieda Kahlo exhibit was well put together, with a balance of her paintings and photos from her life. We walked through the rest of the museum. The modern Chinese art exhibit was great and I loved this curtain of silk flower petals by Jim Hodges.

Lunch on the patio of Taylor's Refreseher in the ferry bulding. Amazing sweet potato fries! We walked up the street and rode the California Street cablecar. This was my first ever cablecar trip. We took a taxi home from the end of the line. Lavander earl gray tea with delicious macaroons from Miette to end the weekend.

A quick errand run and a nap after Rob's parents left. Margaret came over to hang out. We made funfetti cupcakes for the LAC party this week and cooked down the ripest tomatoes into a quick linguine.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Things I Love Today: Miette

They served these beautiful Miette cupcakes at Tuesday's birthday party. They tasted as good as they looked! Check out the cake gallery for more inspiration.

I've never visited this pâtisserie and confiserie in the Ferry Building, maybe we will this weekend with Rob's parents!

To Do: Meet Your Neighbors

After my hair appointment last night, Rob and I went to the Duboce Triangle NERT meeting and were instructed to canvas Henry Street. Our mission was to pass out program materials and find new volunteers. It was nice to do some community work, although realistically I had a million things I should have been doing at home.

It was a foggy evening and it felt just like trick-or-treating. We can see the backyards of Henry Street residents from our apartment and I always suspected that they were a little bit fancier than our block. Our canvasing confirmed it. The Henry Street neighbors all seem to live in gorgeous, enormous homes with dogs and kids and oriental carpets. I felt a little shabby about our apartment.

But luckily all our rich neighbors were also friendly and welcoming. Being disturbed by strangers at 7:30 at night didn't seem to phase most of them (many were in their evening boxers and t-shirts). At least a dozen were interested in NERT and introduced themselves to us. Go San Francisco!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things I Love Today: RedRubyRose

Rowena from RedRubyRose is officially my favorite Etsy superstar. Not only did she quickly deliver my custom bridesmaid clutches for the wedding, she did it with real aplomb.

The package came from the UK wrapped in brown paper (my favorite) with two lovely red boxes inside. Each clutch was wrapped in tissue, and that was then wrapped in a burgundy ribbon with a button and paper tag hand-sewn on (I'm getting a little worn out just thinking about it). To boot, she included a little yellow coin purse in the pattern pictured for me as a gift!

Recipe: Emily's Cobb

A rare warm evening in San Francisco and the first chance to eat at home in four days...what to make for dinner? A big cobb salad in a bright red bowl. My variation includes lettuce, turkey bacon, black olives, bleu cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Followed by watermelon and blueberries for dessert.

I usually add an avocado to the salad, but decided to try a boiled egg this time instead. It's part of my strategy to start eating all the things I didn't used to like.

By the way, is there a consensus now? Are eggs supposed to be good for you or bad for you?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Ribbon Wands

When we picked our wedding colors, my first act was to run up to the ribbon store and buy a big bag of yellow ribbon to match. A dozen or so months later, I didn't actually have a use in mind for all this trim.

So...ribbon wands! They're not that hard to make and will look great for our big exit (cf. Sense and Sensibility). I just need some balloon sticks or wooden dowels and a little time.

Wedding Wednesday: 39 Days to Go

Only a few more weeks to go until the wedding and I still have a lot do. I'm trying my best not to freak out; it's such cliché. We're just so busy lately with other fun things! I need to crack down (stop watching the Olympics all the time) and finish these last bits so I can relax.
  • Finish the program design
  • Flush out the ceremony
  • Print the programs
  • Make placecards
  • Buy ties
  • Get Rob's suit tailored
  • Buy red wine, beer and champagne
  • Put together the details binder
  • Book manicures for the Friday before
  • Make the birdseed toss packages Thanks mom!
  • Camera station set-up
  • Buy a wreath
  • Make the parking sign
  • Confirm acts and plan the show
  • Hair test
  • Confirm the flower order
  • Finish the dress
  • Buy cheesecakes
  • Get our marriage license
  • Make ribbon wands?
  • Confirm with our caterer
  • Confirm the table layout
  • Make table numbers
There are a few things on this list that I should wait until right before the wedding. The rest, I hope I can check off before September.

Wedding Wednesday: Shoe Clips

I think the best parts of really expensive shoes are the little bows, poofs and details. Luckily, you don't have to spend $600 to get that look. My vintage bow shoe clips arrived last week and are more adorable than I expected.

I clipped them on the side of my Nordstrom Rack Enzo gold pumps for the wedding. They're in line with these $250 J.Crew bow pumps (via Something Old, Something New) for a total price of $60. You could easily do the same with a silk flower or a satin bow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things I Love Today: $5 Concealer

There are only a few things that I liked when I was 14 and still like today. Pink ankle jeans? No. SeaQuest? Also, no. My best junior high friends and my concealer? Yes.

I've tried all sorts of expensive concealers and always return to good ol' CoverGirl. It is basically flesh colored lipstick. But the coverage is excellent and it wears well throughout the day, even under eyes.

Inspired: Art is What You Make It

My dad loves boats. Boats of almost any size or shape as long as they have sails and some teak. I don't think he would consider himself artistic, but he can always be counted on to draw his latest nautical crush (or electrical diagram or neuron pathway) in perfect detail from memory with his favorite black pens. I love these little sketches!

A couple years ago, he sketched a particularly nice motorsailer on the back of a pharmaceutical notepad. I snuck it away and took it home where it lived in an enveloped marked "do not throw away." Just last week, I had it formally framed at the shop down the street. It is hung in my front entryway as a reminder of the importance of having passions in life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What to Wear: Parade of Nations

Not that anyone asked me, but I thought I'd take a stab at coming up with a better Ralph Lauren uniform for the US Olympic team:

Dress - Celine pleated wrap dress. These women have the best figures in America...they deserve to show them off a bit. A wrap dress is flattering on everyone from the tiniest gymnast to the tallest basketball player.
Belt - A navy wide belt.
Shoes - Basic peep-toe navy wedges.
Jacket - For people wanting more coverage. Wear this linen jacket with the belt on top.

Shirt - A classic white shirt rolled at the sleeves. No gigantic Ralph Lauren logo.
Tie - Navy and red stripes.
Pants - Basic blue slacks.
Shoes - Brown slip-ons.
Belt - Brown suede.

That took me 15 minutes and doesn't involve any ridiculous sneakers, hats, ascots or logos. More appropriate for the hot weather and event, and also more like how Americans regularly dress.

Weekend Update: Imagine

Remember when you were a kid and you would imagine adulthood as one long string of eating ice cream, staying up late, hanging out with friends and doing whatever you wanted? This weekend was pretty much exactly like that!

On Friday, we camped out at home to watch the Olympic opener. But not before opening a bottle of champagne with our new saber. I loved the opening show, so amazing! Margaret came over about halfway through, just in time to catch the parade of bad uniform designs (winners: Finland, Israel, Italy. Losers: Hungary, pretty much everyone else, including the US in those asexual, ill-fitting linen trousers. What was Ralph thinking?). To bed around midnight.

Up on Saturday at 9:45 after a long night of restful sleep. Breakfast and more Olympics (volleyball). A quick run downtown to shop for iphone accessories. Back at home, Matt came over around 1:00 and we had a jam session until I had to dress and leave for my shower (gray tights, rose satin skirt, black sweater, black shoes).

Across town with Margaret for the shower at 3:30. I was so honored that friends from all over California had made their way to the city for this party! Nicole and Amber were great hostesses. We ate little sandwiches, drank champagne, opened gifts and cooed at Molly's adorable baby. The party ended around 6:30 and the boys returned at 8:00 for a Vietnamese dinner reservation down Polk Street. More catching up and laughing. Back home in a cab loaded with gifts.

Another delicious sleep-in on Sunday morning. Coffee and more Olympics (basketball). At 12:30, we met Rob's Duboce Triangle NERT team at the N-Train for a baseball game. It was blazing hot (80's) and sunny, so different from the day before! Ice cream and lemonade saved us from completely melting. I ran into Meg from A Practical Wedding and we chatted about planing while cheering on our team vs the Dodgers. Amazingly, we beat the tough LA rival and I didn't get sunburned. A perfect way to end our time at the ballpark.

Back at home by train, Rob rested briefly and I wrote thank you notes. I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday! At 6:30, we drove to Burlingame to pick up Margaret and to San Mateo for the county fair. We ate BBQ, browsed 4-H crafts, conversed with goats, guessed the weight of a cow and rode the Tornado. Rob even won a stuffed Curious George at a BB gun game. It reminded me so much of being at the Mid State Fair back at home and was a ton of fun!

Back at (our now very messy) home after 10:00. Some blogging and a few more Olympics. To bed late. Heartburn from all my terrible ballpark and fair food kept me up.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Urban Girl Almanac: Sabers!

My life has just entered a new phase of awesomeness with the delivery of a Laguiole Champagne Saber from my sister and her boyfriend. Rob and I are going to spend the weekend dramatically sabraging champagne bottles! Here's what I learned this week:
  • How to throw a successful bridal shower (whoa, that was last weekend? This has been one looong week)
  • Wedding dress fittings are fun.
  • More packages should come wrapped in brown paper.
  • Being locked out of your apartment for an hour in the city isn't so bad. You just walk or visit a cafe while you wait for keys to show up.
  • Rob's the best. When I came home from a bad day and said "This day could not get any worse!" he replied "I'm here, so it can only get better."
  • Although I can be very bossy, I've found that I don't enjoy telling large groups of people (like wedding participants) what to do.
  • It was so cold this week. However, I got to wear a velvet blazer and a turtleneck and it reminded me how much I like the fall.
  • Linocut prints are lovely.
  • Only 43 days until the wedding.
  • Impromptu Mexican dinner parties involving impromptu ukulele singalongs are the best way to spend a Thursday night.
  • This week's San Francisco art is a linocut print of a billboard that used to be in the Mission by bradleyralphrobinson.
I own a saber! This is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Aside from sabering champagne bottles, I'll also be doing some combination of climbing, watching the olympics, attending my other bridal shower, going to the fair, getting a facial and going to a baseball game this weekend. Oh...and more wedding stuff. Have a good one!