Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Party

Last night was a lot of fun! Eight of us gathered to have dinner and toast the new President. I dressed up in my best "American" outfit - denim dress, red cowboy boots and silver and turquoise jewelry.

We shared a magnum of good champagne (turns out that you can saber a magnum just like any other bottle). Ate good cheeses and bread for our appetizer. And had a dinner of baked potatoes, Obama's chili recipe and salad. Followed by spiced peach cobbler.

The centerpiece is red tea roses and Peruvian lilies. I covered the three vases with blue paper and red ribbon to match.

PS: Have you seen Mrs. O?


Janssen said...

What a fun event! Good for you for celebrating in style!

Susan said...

So sad I missed it...bummed!!!!!! Didn't get out from work until past 7. :( I sat at home in my sweats with a pizza watching the balls! ha!

MissScientistSF said...

The Mexico plate fits in with your color scheme. Yay! Great to see it in action.

N + S said...

I love Mrs. O!