Friday, January 16, 2009

To Do: Mini Vacation

Rob and I are off for a quick jaunt this weekend. We got a good deal on a hotel in Pacific Grove (between Monterey and Carmel) for a night. A long bike ride, a soak in the hot tub, a walk on the beach and checking out a couple wedding venues for Jean & Trent.

The weather looks amazing all weekend. Have a nice three day break!


ThickChick said...

Aww, we're moving to Pacific Grove next fall! Can't wait to have sunday brunch at The Red House every weekend! (Be sure to grab a bite there - so tasty!)

Enjoy your getaway!

Molly said...

Early welcome to Monterey/PG! The weather is perfect this weekend for hiking and biking the trails. Try Peppers for a tasty, Mexi-Cali meal or First Awakenings for brunch. Enjoy!

thealeatory said...

mmm sounds nice. my and the bf would liek to take a trip soon, this sounds like the perfect low-cost little getaway. where did you find your great deal on the hotel?

MrsEm said...

Internet! I think.