Friday, January 16, 2009

What to Wear: Student Teacher

This week's What to Wear is from Amanda:
I start student teaching in a third grade classroom in a few weeks. I want to make a good impression on my cooperating teacher and my new students. I want to look professional, but I want my outfit to show my personality as well (I am bubbly, humorous, and very organized). I am on a budget because I have no income right now due to my internship and grad school. I have a lot of staple pieces in my wardrobe, maybe we can punch something up. Green and brown are my favorite colors.
I admit it: I've daydreamed about being a teacher before and, yes, it was all about the clothes. I just believe that if you're in a position of authority over children, you should dress like a grown-up. Here's one way for Amanda to pull off a young academic look on a budget:

Necklace - The starting point for the whole outfit. A lot of personality for $42 from Anthropologie. Valentine's Day present?
Skirt - I love corduroy skirts, this one is at Old Navy for $20. Pair it with nude fishnet nights for a little extra coverage in the winter.
Sweater - On sale from J. Crew for $30.
Cami - From Old Navy.
Shoes - Yes, they're pumps...but from Naturalizer. So you can look great and still run around in heels.
Bag - Big leather tote from Etsy.
Glasses - Of course! A trendy item that happens to match your occupation perfectly.


Jenny M said...

Love the necklace!

jennifer in sf said...

Great outfit! I'm totally planning on checking several of those items out now. Although I'd skip the glasses unless you actually need them.

Miss L said...

I love it. So cute but still grown up...

L said...

agree on the cord skirt! love the pumps@

David & Becky said...

I love the outfit, but kids and white do not work. Especially when you can't afford to be doing a lot of laundry.