Friday, February 27, 2009

What to Wear: London

Meg purchased a deluxe What to Wear for a trip her and her BF are taking in May:
Love your blog & your fashion advice. I have a What to Wear request for you....My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to London in early May. We'll be spending about a week visiting a friend of mine & her family. We'll also be doing the obligatory sight-seeing and nights out. Last time I was in London in Spring I was ill-prepared - when I wasn't freezing my bum off, I was schlepping around in every garment that I brought with me!

I'm short & curvy - 5'1" size 10P (though hopefully by then I'll be down to an 8P) with a large bust (36D/DD depending), fair skin, hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I love vintage-inspired looks. Also love dresses, but it's hard to find ones that fit. I'm a NYer so most of my wardrobe is black, gray, navy and dark brown, but I do like to add the occasional bright accessory (2 of my faves are a peacock feather barrette and these shoes which I recently bought in blue). I'd like to be as budget conscious as possible - I tend to shop mostly at Zara, H&M, Loft, and Macy's.

Also, I'll be packing for my man too....5'11" brown hair, gray eyes. Medium build. Essentially a blank canvass that lets me have free reign over his wardrobe for vacations. I tend to favor unique graphic T's w/oxfords underneath and "dress sneakers" with jeans.
Let's focus on a basic color palate of blue, black and gray for your trip. That will make it easier to pack light and have lots of options.

Dress - This style of dress looks great on everyone. My twiggy frame is a fan. Rachel Ray and her curves are also a fan. Bring those blue heels to dress it up with.
Sweater - A classic in gray on sale from J.Crew. You can find one like this at H&M or Zara easily. Would look great with a layered tank - even one with a few delicate stripes for french flair - underneath. Check out this video of London from H&M for inspiration.
Jeans - A slim, but not skinny, pair in a dark wash. You might already have these.
Skirt - Not pictured. I have this and love it. Ideal with opaque tights and pretty much any top.
Coat - In blue and black from Target. If the cut of that doesn't work for your bust, try this blue trench instead.
Scarf - Perfect color combination from Forever21.
Sneakers - I also have these gray converse sneakers.
Flats - Me too makes the most versatile flats. I took a pair with me to Paris.
Boots - Comfortable, flat and on sale for only $69.

Tee - Doubleknit for warmth.
Jeans - From Old Navy. Rob's a fan.
Sweater - Striped hoodie sweater on sale for $19.
Jacket - I love this look from Old Navy as well.
Coat - Not pictured. In black wool on sale at Macy's. Men in Europe seem to love this kind of coat. It's dashing.
Shoes - They look really comfortable. With a unique style and on sale.
Add one pair of black slacks, a collared shirt and a few other tops...he's set.

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Anne said...

Great outfits. I was just in London and wore very similar boots - and can confirm that they are just the thing! Comfortable for walking, no problem for rain (mine are synthetic), and fit right in with the locals.