Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Round-Up: Agoraphobic

I'm concerned that the combination of the bad economy and the bad weather may be turning me into some sort of an agoraphobic. I spent most of the weekend absolutely content holed up inside the apartment, not normal!

On Friday, Margaret came over for a stir-fry dinner and the video La Misma Luna. Adorable, the kid who star in it just gets cuter and cuter! She spent the night and on Sunday, we had pancakes with peaches for breakfast.

A lazy morning in our pajamas. Margaret helped me pick apart chickens for soup (there's a measure of a true friend!), decorate the Easter tree and bake cookies:

Margaret left after lunch. Rob and I briefly tried to motivate for a bike ride. It was way too cold, so we only made it a block before turning back for home. Reading and naps.

At five, it was time to prep for our NERT drill. I made batches of hot cocoa and onion dip while Rob gathered our supplies. We set up in Duboce Park from 6 to 9, testing our emergency response logistics and ham radio system. I'm not officially trained to be a NERT, so was assigned snack and public information duties. I must have talked about the program with 100 of our neighbors!

Quiet night after the drill. On Sunday, we had coffee and oatmeal for breakfast while it started raining outside. I finished making my huge batch of chicken and black rice soup. Delicious for lunch and I put away five big servings in the freezer. Rob left to volunteer with the Bike Coalition - he was assigned to parking bikes at the Anarchist Book Fair of all things.

Margaret came up in the afternoon and we went to the de Young to see the Warhol exhibit. Very nice! And it was fun to see the florists setting up for the Bouquets to Art gala under a tent in the sculpture garden. Mark your calendars: Bouquets to Art starts this Tuesday!

Back home on the train through the increasingly bad weather. Margaret and I had hot toddies and played Lego Batman until Rob came home. I roasted a chicken (that I bought for only $4 thanks to a sale and a coupon!) with potatoes and made a big salad for our dinner.

Hmmm...I guess this weekend was a little busier than it seemed at the time. Agoraphobia averted!


Smiling Mama said...

That photo of the cookie dough is SO lovely. It looks professional!

Anonymous said...

Please post your soup recipe. Sounds delicious!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh the peach pancakes sound so yummy!

Jenny M said...

I'd give my right arm, well maybe left pinky toe, to go to that Warhol exhibit! He is my favorite! Lucky duck!

Lauren said...

Your blog is so delightful!