Friday, March 13, 2009

What to Wear: Black and White Wedding

A bonus WTW just for you this Friday! Jennifer has a request:
I'm invited to a wedding at the beginning of April in the city in Denver, Colorado. I'll be speaking at the wedding, so I need to put a little thought into this.

The bride has requested that everyone wear black and white. Since the wedding ceremony is outside in a park, and early April could still be very chilly, I need a creative way to work the requested uniform.

I have tons of black coats (including a vintage 50s leather coat with fur collar) but how do I work it in a chic way? Would love your help.
This was followed by a funny email conversation all about how completely bizarre it is to enforce a dress code on wedding guests. Especially one that involves wearing the two colors you are absolutely not supposed to wear to a wedding. But - no matter how strange the demand - a good guest does as they are told:

Dress - A black and white pattern is the best way to go. This dress is absolutely darling. A bit of a splurge at $210 even at 40% off. There is also this, somewhat lesser dress for $100.
Boots - For warmth. Paired with tights depending on how cold it is. In the summer, trade the boots for adorable red flats or pumps.
Gloves - Elbow length in gray cashmere.
Coat - Go to town with the best (and warmest) your closer has to offer.

Have a great time at the wedding!


Fig said...

It's like Diddy's white party ... only weirder.

(The dress code, not the dress. The dress is FABULOUS.)

Sara said...

i agree that its so weird to ask people!
but i have to admit, the fact that most everyone wore blue to our wedding looks really cool in pictures (totally by chance, i didnt ask, i swear! people were inspired by the beach)

icing on the cake said...

What a gorgeous dress!

Anne said...

Ok, I know this is nontraditional. But I had to tell you guy that I just got a black and white dress and I am so excited to wear it that I actually want to throw a party and enforce a b&w dress code, which I know is totally uncouth. I am not going to do it because my husband is dubious and you (obviously tasteful) ladies just reinforced my gut instinct and his. Anyway, here's the

MrsEm said...

A dress code for a regular party is totally different than a dress code for a wedding. I love costume parties! You should definitely throw a Black & White ball :)