Friday, March 13, 2009

What to Wear: Teaching Interview

Emily is a new mom gearing up for a return to the workforce. Here's her question:
I would love to get your thoughts on an interview outfit. I am an elementary teacher and I'm planning on going back to work next August after taking the year off to have a baby. I guess I could wear a business suit, but it feels a little stuffy for my occupation. I'd love to wear something a bit more creative that still feels professional and polished. Also it would be great if I could work the pieces into my work wardrobe (i.e. no dry clean only in a kindergarten class). I prefer to wear pants vs. skirts, but I'm open. I'm very petite; brown, curly hair; green eyes, fair complexion.
Pants - Navy machine washable chinos from J.Crew can pass for fancier trousers when well ironed. On sale for $78.
Sweater - Pink cardigan for from J.Crew on sale. Machine washable! Much less lumpy in person.
Shirt - Light and floaty top from Old Navy. Also great for covering up any remaining baby weight.
Belt - I have a cousin of this belt from Target, it's the perfect width for layering.
Bracelets - White enamel from Old Navy.
Shoes - Obviously, you're not going to wear these to school everyday. But they're lovely, gray and on sale.
Earrings - Basic pearl studs.

Good luck with the job hunt!


Emily and Patrick said...

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for.

Jennifer said...

I was a teacher before I decided to stay at home with my children. No matter who I have talked to, I have always been told to that when you are interviewing "DO NOT WEAR SOMETHING YOU WOULD WEAR WHEN YOU ARE TEACHING". The interviewers I know have always told me to go "Business style" even for the interview and to save the "teaching clothes" for when you get the job. The outfit is perfect and I would be happy to wear it, but I just thought I would share what others have told me.