Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recipe: Cioppino

Saturday's party was so fun. I really should host a 1906 earthquake anniversary party every year! We've created our own traditions: no electricity, a table set with candles in odd glass containers and chandelier crystals, lots of wine and good conversations about disaster preparedness (more entertaining than you might think!)

From this year forward, cioppino will be our official main course. It was delicious! And not that hard to make:

Cioppino for Eight

2 large cans of the highest quality chopped tomatoes
1 clove of garlic, chopped
1 box of stock
1 bottle of clam juice
Fresh taragon
Fresh parsley
Fresh rosemary
2 cups of red wine
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1 dungeness crab, cooked, cracked and cleaned (they do it for free at Safeway)
1 pound of shelled, frozen, uncooked shrimp
1 pound of frozen jumbo scallops
1 1/2 pounds of white fish, cut down to two inch cubes. I used basa which was on sale.
1 small fillet of salmon, cut down to two inch cubes
If you like clams and mussels, add those too.

Heat the olive oil in the bottom of a large pan. Add garlic and herbs until softened. Add the tomatoes, stock and wine. Cook down and season to taste. You can make this base ahead of time and refrigerate.

About 10 minutes before serving, heat the tomato base to a low boil. Dump in the frozen shrimp and scallops and fish cubes. Heat until just cooked. Add the crab and serve with a big loaf of warm buttered sourdough bread.

This was the perfect amount for serving "seconds" to most of the table. I followed it with a simple strawberry shortcake. You can see all my photos from the party in this set.


LPC said...

So this is something I am currently trying to figure out. What IS the best brand of canned diced tomatoes? And especially, what can be purchased at the San Francisco and Bay Area Whole Foods?:)

MrsEm said...

I used muir glen organic - seemed good to me

Chris said...

I love the idea for the 1906 quake party. Some of my family was in SF during the quake and we have some great family stories and pictures.
(They lost house and business but everyone moved to Oakland.)
Would be nice way to teach the young uns the history. Lovely!

sweet80pea said...

This looks super easy to make, I'm tempted to try it this weekend, but did I miss where the 1 box of stock was added to the recipe?

jennifer said...

Hi Emily,

Are you guys accepting more members into your LAC? If not, I was thinking about trying to organize another SF LAC for any interested ladies. Have any other ladies in SF expressed interest?

Thanks for creating such a fun blog and inspiring ladies to get together!


MrsEm said...

Of course we're accepting new members! Send me an email at emilystyleblog@gmail.com for details :)

MrsEm said...

Sorry - add the stock with the tomatoes and wine

chelsea said...

Emily! This party looks like so much fun. The candles look soooo beautiful.

Kelly said...

how fun! i love any excuse for a dinner party. cute idea :)