Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I Love Today: Bohemia

I woke up feeling very "spendy" this morning. The best way to combat that is to share what I'm coveting with you. Our lovely fog is back in the city and I'm learning toward vintage, bohemian style for the weekend.

My Baby Just Cares for Me - Nat King Cole's jazzy version. I've listened to it six times already today.
Glasses - I loved when Diane Keaton wore Harry's glasses in Something's Gotta Give. Also, might be related to my latest blog obsession Nerd Boyfriend.
Cafe Au Lait - With cinnamon toast.
Grey Stationary - A classic.
Grape Hyacinth - My favorite of all the spring blooms. I love how these smell. I wonder if they have them at the flower market?
Cadillac - Nevermind that I only drive a few times a month and only have one, tiny parking space. I'm infatuated today with the idea of driving all over the city in a gigantic car with gloves on, Vertigo style.


Kealoha said...

I love Nat King Cole, but my favorite version of My Baby Just Cares For Me will forever & always be Nina Simone. BTW, no one is stopping you from driving your little Fit around town with gloves on; might be considered a bit eccentric unless you also wear a fabulous spring dress & hat... ;) Have a nice, if slightly less warm, weekend!

jennifer in sf said...

There should be a vintage car rental service. I'd be all over that!

Jendi51 said...

You just helped me identify the purple flowers popping up in my backyard here in Denver! They smell wonderful.

Shopgirl said...

I <3 nerd boyfriend. Now I just need to find a boy to dress. Maybe I can talk Shane into a few things, tell him James Bond would do it. Ha!

Miss L said...

All of the things sounds wonderful... Perfect weekend :)

Kelly said...

Vertigo is my fave Hitchcock flick!

love.boxes said...