Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Things I Love Today: Ikea Glasses

These little svalka glasses from Ikea are my new favorite thing. Small, simple and sturdy.

Rob and I bought three sets last weekend. We've already used them to serve wine (so "continental") and juice. I think they'd be amazing with layered trifle
for dessert or even planted with succulents.


Sara said...

i think IKEA dishes and glasses are a great deal, the prices are low but the quality is really not different than somewhere like C&B. Of course its not fine china but for everyday dishes its hard to beat. I think we are getting a whole new set of dishes there after we move, and some new wine glasses.

Amanda said...

Juice glasses for wine are my fave. Cheers!

Tanya said...

Love miniature glasses for desserts! I use 6 3/4 oz tulip glasses (the "Coca-Cola" style) to do a dark chocolate-Guinness mousse topped with a white chocolate mousse and it looks like a mini pint of Guinness...perfect signature dessert for the pubs!

suneeta said...

IKEA is great for casual entertaining. Last year I bought 2 dozen (made in Italy!) glasses for $1 each, 2 dozen beige colored plates on sale for $1 each or something, 18 wine glasses for $1 each and now I'm all set for summer parties. Even better, my friends can borrow them for their parties too. No more plastic/paper:)