Friday, April 24, 2009

What to Wear: Campaign Trail

Hande is the lovely author of Mercimek and is about to embark on a politically-charged summer:
I’ve posted plenty of comments on your blog and even e-mailed you a few times, but I have an actual What to Wear request this time! I am a real-life political wife. My husband is an elected official in our county, and it’s a campaign year for us. That means a summer of knocking on doors and going to events and meeting all kinds of people.

My usual uniform has been a pair of wide-leg black pants, a brightly colored top, and comfortable sandals, but I am so inspired by Michelle Obama this year! I’m 32 years old, brunette, 6’ tall, size 12-14, and wear size 11 shoes. Can you recommend something that will be comfy on those summer afternoons of walking and standing, yet stylish like our First Lady?
I was talking with a friend recently about how everyone - including myself - has gone wild for belts ever since Michelle moved into the White House. She's a great fashion role model, especially for another woman in politics. Here's are some mix and match pieces for you:

Dress - It doesn't get much easier or more comfortable than a classic shirt dress. This navy version from Liz Claiborn is on sale. Plus, it's machine washable!
Belt - Braided belts are extra versatile and this one is a steal at $14 from JC Penney's.
Cardigan - While you're there pick up this easy cardigan in tropical green for under $20.
Tank - A basic layering piece from Old Navy.
Jeans - Trouser cut jeans will be polished but still casual. Spend a little more on these if you find the perfect pair.
Shoes - A pair of cute red (red shoes go with almost anything) comfort flats in size 11.
Earrings - A gift from your husband as a thank you for all the hard work you're going to put in this summer. *wink*
Sunblock - You're going to need it. This spray version is easy to apply and reapply.

Good luck with the campaign!


hyb said...

Thank you so much for not one but two very cute outfits! I snapped up the dress and the shoes already, and I'm going belt shopping this weekend. Now I just need to work on those Michelle Obama biceps!

LPC said...

Banana Republic also had some very nice belted patterned dresses just recently. And they were on drastic sale...