Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coveted: Corey Lynn Cater

I hardly ever find anything good at the neighborhood Crossroads (I could use some pointers from Rebecca). But when I score, I really seem to score. A few years ago it was a tweed Prada skirt for $40. And Sunday, I found a lovely silver printed skirt from Corey Lynne Calter for $30.

I had never heard of the designer before, and was happy to find out that a) she's amazing! and b) the skirts normally go for $100 to $250. I would wear almost anything on her site, especially these two little ensembles.

My only warning is that the sizes seem to run particularly small. I'm usually a 2 or 0 and this new skirt is a 6.


CJ said...

I miss Crossroads - I always had good luck at the one on Fillmore St.

tina said...

any thoughts on an a comfortable but stylish outfit for a day at the amusement park?

D&D said...

her things are amazing!