Friday, May 22, 2009

What to Wear: A-Line Skirt

Joan wrote in with a specific request for summer:
I'm, 40-something, 5'6 and 160lbs -- I have a little "paunch" but otherwise I'm well proportioned. I'm blonde (going grey when I'm due for the hairdressers) and I have a fair complexion overall but my face tends to have a strong red undertone when I'm not wearing makeup.

I'm good with the boot-cut-mid-rise jeans/pants, the tops that skim/don't cling, but I get really stumped when it comes to dresses/skirts.

I do know that given my current body shape that what looks best is an A-line skirt and even an empire waist can be nice. Also, every sales person has eventually humbled themselves to agree with me, I CANNOT wear patterns -- florals, checks, geometric designs on any scale turn hideous as soon as they make the transition from hanger to my body. Ditto for ruffles (which I love). I can wear peach undertones and spring colors. For some reason I can wear black as well although navy/brown are my better colors. White on top just washes me out completely.

I'd love, love, love to have some summer skirt combos and dresses that would make me look fresh, and enchanting but also are comfortable and avoid making me look frumpy. Tall order, right? Any brilliant suggestions?
This little number ought to do the trick!

Skirt - Adorable and voluminous, this basic black cotton skirt is timeless.
Sweater - In peach on sale at J.Crew.
Shirt - A basic little white blouse from Old Navy. This small amount of white will highlight the peach and wont wash you out.
Belt - Mid-width belt in black. Oh, Michelle Obama! The many ways you have inspired us, including with belts.
Wedges - Comfortable black peep-toe wedges are perfect for summer.
Bracelet - A pretty set of coral bangles on sale from $216 to $65.
Tote - From Kenneth Cole.
Scarf - From Urban Outfitters for $20. The sunglasses are from there, too.


joan said...

Thanks Emily: This is definitely a cute outfit. Of course, as is usually the challenge this "perfect skirt" is only available in XS -- SIGH. Also, I do have a little belly, won't wearing the belt at that level accentuate it?

MrsEm said...

Here is another choice for the skirt.

As for the belt, you'd think that, but pairing the belt high at your thinnest point with a full skirt should hide the belly . Belts - like wide leg pants - are one of things that everyone thinks looks good on others but take a little getting used to on ourselves. :)

icing on the cake said...

I love that outfit - and as a postpartum person with a little leftover tummy, I think I'll try something similar!

Hannah said...

so yummy

sissy said...

What to wear request: First time commenter, but I saw your blog on Oh Happy Day (I believe)--anyway--I'm only one year out of my undergrad program, twenties, tall 5'9" size 6, and rather busty (DD yikes!) ... I'm moving to Memphis in July and am going to be job searching. My dilemma is: how can one look professional and remain cool enough (literally) to function in Memphis in July/August?! Having such a large chest generally makes shopping for tops a frustrating, tedious chore. Any advice?

MrsEm said...

Hi Sissy! I'm only taking paid WTW requests at this time ($15 a pop). If you're interested, send me an email at