Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Beach Week: Inspired by The Guadeloupe

And a few goodies to go with our Guadeloupe beach house:
  1. Bikini - If we can afford this imaginary beach house, we can also likely afford a $300 Prada bikini, on sale.
  2. Books - Lots of Steinbeck.
  3. Sweater - A cardigan to wear with your best bikini.
  4. Candle - Williams-Sonoma olive oil candle.
  5. Tea Pot - In swirled copper.
  6. Plates - Mottahedeh tin picnic plates in Turkish Garden.
  7. Coverlets - In the colors of beach glass.
  8. Pillow - Embroidered loveliness on sale at Anthropologie.
  9. Tea Cup & Saucer - Tiffany's Sea Urchin pattern has just the right amount of whimsy for a cup of hot lavender earl gray after a windy beach walk.
What would you take to today's beach house pick?


LPC said...

Most likely a hat. If it is sunny, to prevent sunburn. If it is windy, highly likely in Half Moon Bay and environs, to keep hair out of face. In a fetching stone-ish sort of color, of course. With ties so it doesn't fly off, but a soft brim so it doesn't bug you if you are possessed with the desire to lie in the sand.

Rebecca said...

that bikini is fabulous. i love the idea of a beach vacation where a cardigan is a sensible cover-up.. we don't get those in the southeast!

mamacita said...

You are missing your calling as an interior designer. For real.

MrsEm said...

I'd love it! Except for the dealing with clients part ;)