Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Music: Jessica Fichot

Jessica Fichot was the opening act at Mountain Play last weekend. She was very popular with the crowd, playing accordion and miniature piano while singing in French, Chinese, Spanish and English. All while wearing a cute green dress and sneakers.

Apologies, this random Russian(?)-titled clip from a club in Shanghai was the best I could find of her and her band in action. But you can listen to five songs on her MySpace page or buy her new album on Amazon. Just the right thing to go with my cafe au lait on this foggy morning.


Tanya said...

This sort of reminds me of Rupa and the April Fishes...fun stuff!

Oksis said...

I was very surprised to find at your blog this Russian song. This is one of my favorite children's songs from the cartoon. It is like american Happy Birthday.