Friday, July 10, 2009

Inspired: Katharine Hepburn's Watercolors

Katharine Hepburn is endlessly inspiring. Just thinking about her makes me want to wear collared shirts and wide leg trousers, buy a canoe and take up tennis. (Actually, I did ride an old tandem bike to work while wearing slacks and a blouse yesterday. That's pretty good Hepburn.)

Like my grandmother, Katharine was a talented amateur painter, especially in watercolors. It's hard to find samples of her work. This is from Antiques Roadshow and there are a few images here.

Might be time to take a class or break out my supplies. At least, I can browse Etsy for some lovely paintings. Check out Bigton, WaterColorStudio, and Jeliza. Have a great weekend!


Jill said...

I had no idea Ms. Hepburn painted. That's so neat.

Jessica said...

So funny that you'd share this, I've been thinking about playing around with watercolors lately. :)

Southern Aspirations said...

Great finds, thank you for sharing! Also, loved the notice on the FC sale... checking out tops now!

love.boxes said...