Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spotted: Commuting to Work on the Tandem

One of my favorite things about the new job is my new commute. Rob and I pedal together down Market Street on our old tandem, baskets full of laptops and lunch. We zoom around taxis and tourists and buses. He drops me off at my office and doubles back to his building across town. Repeat in reverse for the way home.

Last Friday, we pulled over at a Bike Coalition station for free coffee and protein bars. I just ran across this photo a volunteer snapped of us in action. For the record, this is a more sensible bike outfit compared to most of mine recently - wide leg jeans, flats, this shirt in lilac gray, a leather jacket, pashmina, earrings and helmet. Rob's rocking his usual jeans and blazer combo.


Sara said...

super cute!
my parents always say that being able to ride a tandem together is a sure sign of a good marriage with strong communication skills :)

michelle said...

What a great Audrey Hepburn look! (well, minus the helmut and jacket I guess)

Kellyry said...

I've been seeing tandems all over the place here in Chicago but I love the idea of your using it for your commute. :-)

Came across the cake photographed by Jose Villa and thought of your sister's wedding theme. Adorable!