Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I Love Today: Semikolon Albums

I am up to my eyeballs in craft projects this week. The whole dining room looks like the intern quarters at Martha Stewart - glue, silk screens, paper scraps, ink, scissors, thread...it's madness.

One of my new favorite finds amidst all this creativity is Semikolon. They make excellent albums in a rainbow of colors, all surprisingly affordable. The European albums come with heavy paper with protector sheets. Perfect for scrapbooking or putting together big photo albums. If you're in the city, I suggest going to Flax to drool over the rainbow display in person.


icing on the cake said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I am on a mission to get baby photos organized before they get totally out of control (it's getting very close:)!

Amber said...

Your kraftyness is inspiring and rubbing off on me ... I just bought THREE of these books! Oofa, I just hope I use them :)

love.boxes said...