Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Round-Up: Domestique

So nice to be in the city this weekend with warm summer weather and no more bronchitis. This weekend was all about cycling and home-keeping, hence domestique.

On Friday night, Rob picked me up from work on the tandem and we rode home. Dinner for two at Little Star Pizza and then over to the Victoria Theater for the Bicycle Film Festival. Great short films, especially the last one about two men biking outside of Paris to deliver an urn of ashes. Walked back home around midnight.

Up early the next morning for breakfast of coffee and banana muffins. I whipped up a batch of peanut butter cookies and a batch of brownies. Quick jog to the post office and back home to work on a special project for a bit.

At 12:30, Rob and another NERT volunteer came by to pick up me and the cookies for their drill in the park. I helped out with my "public information officer" duties while they ran through radio and dispatch tests.

We barbecued hot dogs in the park before finishing the emergency response drill and returning home. Margaret came by in the afternoon and the two of us went shopping downtown. I found a decently cute pair of jeans at Gap for $14 and an adorable pair of Dolce Vita boots (these in black) on sale for $120 at Nordstrom. We had a big sushi dinner in the neighborhood and went to the used book store. Back at home, she stayed up with me watching Fiddler on the Roof. Rob came home late after an eventful night of volunteering with the Bike Coalition.

Slept in the next morning before a quick bike ride around town. Rob and I pedaled through the closed Sunday Streets in the mission - big turnout!, down to Glenn Park, up Twin Peaks and over to Velo Rouge cafe for lunch. To the produce market for supplies and then back home. I worked for a few hours on prepping food for the week ahead and getting organized. A laundry run and walk through the neighborhood to feed a friend's cat. Nice and quiet!

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Rachel said...

I love the brownies in that tart dish! So sweet and different from the usual square pan.