Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Do: Scarf as Bandage

Upside: Wearing cute handkerchiefs wrapped around my wrist. This one coordinates with my coral sweater and navy slacks. Roses by my bedside from Rob. Mom happening to be in town to take me to and from surgery. Shopping for a new hat to take to Hawaii in October.

Downside: Stitches that look like spiders for another nine days. Googling biopsy punches. Skin that's disturbingly pleated where the missing piece used to be. Going for a full body scan and many more biopsies next Friday.

This is far - miles away - from the worst thing that could happen to a person. But it is terribly annoying. Wear sunblock kids!


Yvi said...

Hi Emily,

I'm so glad you caught it early. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad.


Emily said...

Thanks Yvonne - It doesn't hurt much anymore - just itches :)

Haley v. said...

I have the SPF 50 ready for you here on Maui...take care and feel better!

mamacita said...

I just came across this article and it cracked me up. You need to spend some downtime coming up with your own McSweeney's lists.

I'm wearing sunscreen every day now, and not just because I have a new, weird splotch on my face that looks like dirt but won't rub off :-(

Logan said...

I am having something similar done on my leg in September and I am TERRIFIED.

Good luck to you...all we really have is our health! xo

Miss L said...

Get well soon :)

Heather said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! And I love the scarf/bandage. :)

laura said...

just stopping by for a visit, love the blog!!


bioEgirl said...

Such a pretty cover-up! Mine was on my back, and unfortunately, I don't think a scarf wrapped around my torso would look as good :)

kaili said...


Leave it to you to come up with a positive and stylish spin on an unfortunate situation.

Take really good care and wear a giant hat,