Friday, August 07, 2009

To Do: Wedding Present

Big, big - HUGE - wedding coming up this weekend. I'll fill you in on the details Monday. Trust me, you'll be excited.

Weddings bring wedding gifts. To me, a perfect wedding present is a bit extravagant, something you wouldn't normally buy. Durable, something you can use to serve cookies to your grandkids. And as lovely as possible.

I've got a trusty list of go-to wedding gifts and includes a lot of pewter. Talk about durable! Absolutely lovely with no polishing required. And just the right amount of extravagant.

I suggest spending a few minutes browsing the gorgeous photos of handmade italian pewter on the Match website today.


Kim said...

That vase/pitcher full of flowers is BEAUTIFUL!

Chris said...

True! I have a pewter platter with an embossing of apples and it will last forever. Lovely gift.
The glass bowls I received as gifts - nice at the time, but broken somewhere along the way.